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Compliance REC Markets

Compliance REC Markets

RECs' Market (Compliance).


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Compliance markets are created by a policy that exists in 30 U.S. states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, called Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

An RPS places an obligation on electric supply companies to produce a specified percentage of their electricity from renewable energy sources each year.

These requirements can be satisfied through self-generation of renewable energy or the purchase of RECs. Enel is active in nearly every state that has an RPS mandate, with particular emphasis on the PJM, New York, New England, and ERCOT Regions.

Voluntary Client: any company, individual, or entity looking to green their energy usage.

Compliance Client: anyone who sells electricity and that is mandated to procure environmental commodities, such as RECs and carbon offsets, to meet certain obligations.


Ensuring compliance with state RPS mandates.


Renewable Energy Certificates can be sourced from different technologies such as solar and wind, and different locations across the US.

Market opportunity

Access to Enel project RECs at competitive prices.

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