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Are you an Enel Global Trading counterparty? Register and access the reserved area in order to discover all the functions available to you for operating on the energy markets.

Five tools tailored for our counterparties

Data, real-time quotes and invoicing systems for operating on the energy markets. Access our reserved area and use the four tools designed to make our interactions simpler, faster and more satisfying.

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1. The PPA Pricer

The PPA Pricer is a tool designed for owners of photovoltaic plants of up to 10 MW or wind power plants of any size. It enables you to receive non-binding quotes for the acquisition of renewable energy from photovoltaic plants in real time and from wind power plants within a few days of the request. To request a fixed or indexed price quote, just fill in a short form indicating:

  • Geographical position
  • Period of the quote (start and end dates)
  • Plant code
  • Company name
  • Technology (photovoltaic or wind power)
  • Price type (fixed and/or indexed)

In order to obtain more accurate pricing, you can upload additional documents, such as the production history and the plant downtime history. If you possess more than one plant you can receive a quote for a portfolio of up to a maximum of ten plants.

2. PPA Portfolio Management

This is the digital service for renewable energy producers with whom we have an active Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Thanks to PPA Portfolio Management, you will be able to visualize, month by month, the hourly production data for your plant portfolio and the hourly zonal price details. You can also benefit from the automatic digitalized calculation of the sum to invoice, which you will be able to either confirm by issuing the invoice, or flag by asking for verification or a review. The service is completed by the email alerts that notify you when any data is published.

Document Area

From now on, the PPA Portfolio Management section is even richer. Our renewable producers will be able to upload directly in the dedicated section, all the documentation related to their Power Purchase Agreement contract. Through the different functionalities they will be able to view what documentation is required for the purpose of finalizing the contract, upload missing documents and check the completion of the transaction.

3. The Customer Portal

This is the section for wholesalers on the bilateral market. It’s a tool that enables you to digitalize the closure of trading operations on the power, Italian gas and Guarantee of Origin (GoO) markets. The Customer Portal therefore offers an additional channel to traditional trades through messaging and by telephone, managing bilateral negotiations in an efficient and digitalized way. Prices are updated in real time following the market’s movements. By using this tool, you can personalize the way you visualize the data based on selected products and also complete transactions.

4. Credit Dashboard

This is the interface created to ensure that all counterparties using the Customer Portal can view their own proper credit exposure on a daily basis and check which products they are allowed to trade on.

In the dedicated section, each counterparty can also view information relating to the Master Agreements it trades and the reference commodities.

Through this new functionality, the credit control process is speeded up, allowing counterparties to be autonomous in monitoring the erosion of their credit line and consciously choose how to manage their daily operations.




5. The Business Operations Interface

This is the interface created to ensure faster and more effective management of settlement and invoicing processes for counterparties operating on the wholesale energy and energy commodities markets.

In a special section it is possible to share all of the information flows relating to settlement values, thereby avoiding the risk of inconsistencies in the processes downstream from invoicing and payment.

Through the different available functions it is possible to accept or dispute the settlement amounts, upload your own invoices or download those from Enel Global Trading. The service is completed by the email alerts that notify you when any data is published.


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