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About us

Global Energy and Commodity Management

We act as the interface for the Enel Group, operating globally on the world’s energy markets as well as in all the wholesale energy commodity markets.


The Global Energy and Commodity Management division is a direct product of Enel Group’s experience and expertise, currently boasting over 65000 employees worldwide. We operate within the energy markets employing a truly global perspective and using an approach that’s driven by innovation, sustainability and circularity.

We are active in all the wholesale energy commodity markets, both physical and financial, including those relating to power, gas, emissions, oil and many others. We manage the Group's integrated portfolio, hedging with complex products to reduce its exposure through the purchase of raw materials as well as through the wholesale selling of the energy generated by our power plants. 

In accordance with the Group's strategy, and within the constantly evolving technological context, we work to facilitate the energy transition process and the development of renewable energy sources through a continued focus on digitalization: we use data driven tools to derive maximum value from the data by identifying any hidden trends. In so doing we're able to more effectively support our colleagues and partners in their key decision-making processes, thus enabling them to derive maximum results.

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Global Energy and Commodity Management worldwide

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