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Our Mission and Values


Maximizing the Group’s energy profit margins is central to our mission. This is achieved by mitigating commodity-related risk through the management of an integrated global portfolio.

Our global dimensions allow us to export our expertise and know-how from more developed markets to other countries where the Enel Group operates. Furthermore, integrated management of our portfolios and margins enables the creation of greater added value. The specific approach to our exposures allows us to reduce our need to execute transactions at open market conditions, while constantly monitoring risks and optimizing sales operations.

We have redesigned the way we work by consolidating our wholesale’s operations and managing our business in compliance with Enel group's decarbonisation strategy, which is why we have placed even greater attention on renewable energy and on the main sustainability topics.

Our mission is built upon our core values, which are the cornerstones of our everyday operations:

Innovation, challenging ourselves to go "extra mile" to satisfy customer need

Trust, something we work on every day and strive to earn and maintain from our colleagues, clients and partners.

Responsibility, for us, means challenging and questioning ourselves Enel’s Global Trading will maintain a moral obligation to it’s trading partners especially during a stressful market condition.

Proactivity, an absolutely essential element, pushing us to anticipate scenarios at a global level, redefining our priorities based on new contexts.