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Riccardo climbs the renewable peak with Guarantees of Origin

Riccardo climbs the renewable peak with Guarantees of Origin


Riccardo, 33, is a broker from Belluno but has been living in Amsterdam for five years.

He is a climbing enthusiast: even as a child his father used to take him on long hikes in the Dolomites. Despite his work commitments, Riccardo continues to train in a specially equipped gym in Amsterdam. Here he meets Jarl, a 48-year old businessman. The two strike up a conversation and agree to go for a drink after training. “What line of work are you in?” Asks Jarl once they’re seated in the pub. Riccardo explains he’s a broker in the renewable energies field and Jarl tells him, “My company is having difficulty finding Guarantees of Origin from facilities with particular technical characteristics.” Jarl lays out his needs in detail and Riccardo says, “In a situation like yours the important thing is to an expert and I'm convinced that Enel’s Global Energy and Commodity Team is what you're looking for. You've already given me all the information I need, so tomorrow morning I can contact the power desk directly and make an arrangement with them.”

Thanks to the vast range of renewable facilities at the disposal of the Group and the commercial network of Global Energy and Commodity Team, Riccardo identifies the perfect solution for his client's needs. Speedy execution, quality service and continuous support make Global Energy and Commodity Team a highly skilled and trustworthy group of experts.


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