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Luis stays one step ahead by choosing a fixed-price swap

Luis stays one step ahead by choosing a fixed-price swap


Luis lives in Seville and manages a 26 MW wind power plant in the south of Spain. He loves running and even at 50 he still manages to do it regularly. He first started running when at university and the sport still helps him to think things through, especially when they have to do with work.

For some days he's been trying to avoid low spot prices, and so he decides to go for a run so he can think more clearly. In the past he already tried hedging, but now he wants to try and find a product better suited to his needs.

After 20 minutes of running, Luis realises that he needs the help of professional experts to deal with this issue, and so he calls his secretary and makes an appointment with the Enel Global Energy and Commodity Team. After analysing all different solutions which are available to Global Energy and Commodity Team counterparties, Luis draws up the perfect strategy: hedging by selling a fixed-price swap. Without the help of the professional team Luis wouldn’t have been able to access the revenues from the energy produced by the plant regardless of spot prices, and as a result would have missed his budgetary targets.


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