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Chiara optimises production by varying the price at which energy is sold

Chiara optimises production by varying the price at which energy is sold


Chiara is the energy manager of a fund and has been married for 10 years to Paolo, an interior designer.

The fund she works for owns a wide range of non-programmable RES facilities and she would like to optimise revenues from them.

Last year Chiara concluded a fixed-price Power Purchase Agreement but rising market prices during the course of the year made her think again about the choice.

She’d like to be able to maintain the advantages of the fixed-price arrangement but is not sure about the best course of action. Chiara talks the matter over with her husband Paolo, who doesn't know much about the world of energy but knows that Chiara always wants to do things her way, without asking for help from anyone. “Hasn't the time come to get in touch with some experts?” he asks. Chiara finally decides that it’s essential to count on someone with the right skill-set and contacts the Global Energy and Commodity Team.

The Global Energy and Commodity Team power desk shows all available solutions to Chiara and she goes for a Power Purchase Agreement at an index-linked price, with the option of fixing the price at a given level if necessary for variable periods. She might also have chosen a simple index-linked Power Purchase Agreement, coupled with the financial sale of a profile.

Chiara, as a professional in the energy market and the NRPS production area, finds the solution perfect for her needs. On reflection, she realises that it’s sometimes important to rely on the professional skills of a team like the Global Energy and Commodity Team: thanks to them she can vary the price at which electrical energy is sold during the course of the year while maximising revenues. And of course if needs are different next year she can switch back to the fixed-price option.


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