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White Certificates

White Certificates

Less environmental impact, more energy efficiency.


Product Features

TEEs (Energy Efficiency Certificates), commonly known as white certificates, are negotiable certificates that are recognized against a reduction in primary energy consumptions obtained through efficiency improvement interventions in the final uses of energy.

The mechanism of white certificates assumes that energy and natural gas distributors achieve specific primary energy saving targets each year, expressed in saved Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOE).

TEEs can be achieved by realizing energy efficiency projects or by negotiation between the parties or on the market organized by GME (Energy Markets Manager).

Energy efficiency

They promote energy efficiency in Italy.

Reduction of the environmental impact

They encourage active policies that allow the reduction of consumptions.

Greater sustainability

TEEs can significantly improve return times of an investment in energy efficiency.

TEE Market - 2017-2020 requirements, Mln. TEE


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