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International Renewable Energy Certificates

Lower environmental impact, worldwide


Product Features

International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) provide proof of the renewable nature of power sources implied in Standard International REC qualified plants.

Each IREC equals 1 MWh of RES produced energy and added to the grid, and is issued upon request by RES producers.

The IREC scheme includes plants located in areas that are not included in the GO scheme in Europe and in the US REC scheme in North America (i.e. Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East).

By means of IRECs, companies can reduce Scope 2 emissions – including the ones related to electricity sourcing – as per GHG Protocol Standard.

Market opportunity

IRECs import/export in countries included in the REC International Standard.


Wide range of RES technology (wind, solar, etc.) and geography.


Access to purchase of Enel plants’ IRECs – where existing – and of IRECs products in any of the countries included in the scheme.

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