Oil Future look-alike

Avoiding market volatility and covering price risk.

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Product Features

The future look-alike is an OTC contract between two counterparties finalized as a bilateral deal that replicates the structure of a future.

A future is a derivative contract traded on regulated markets through which the counterparties undertake to exchange a certain amount of an asset (underlying) at a fixed price with liquidation at a specific future date.

Guaranteed costs and revenues.
No immediate disbursement
Financial settlement is made on the date of contract expiry.
Price risk coverage
Reduced exposure to the price of oil and its derivatives.


These derivatives can have multiple of underlyings in the oil market.
The largest volumes and most liquid markets are concentrated on futures based on:

  • Brent (European Crude Oil Benchmark)
  • WTI (USA Crude Oil Benchmark)
  • RBOB (USA Gasoline)
  • LSGO (European Diesel)

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