Power Consumption Profile USA

Perfect risk coverage with fixed energy withdrawal or feed-in price.

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Product features

The electricity consumption profile is a financial/physical instrument which allows the price of energy to be fixed the price of energy for non standard  hourly volume (i.e. neither baseload norpeakload). 
In particular, with this product it is possible to define a withdrawal or feed-in profile on variable time periods with hourly granularity. Electricity consumption profiles ensure the perfect coverage of price risk and allows companies to design hedging strategies specific to their needs.   
These products can be indexed to different underlyings (coal, gas, oil, CO2, etc.) and the formulas can be studied and adapted according to specific needs.

The future price of energy is set today.
Made to measure
Customized product according to client requirements.


Graphic Illustration

The following is a graphic example of the power profile, which shows the volume of energy in megawatt hours (MWh) specific for each hour of each day included in the period

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