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Residential, commercial, and industrial customers can procure RECs in voluntary markets to substantiate environmental claims.

The voluntary market is separate from the compliance market, though RE generators may participate in both markets. Voluntary and compliance RECs can be purchased in the same regional market, but may not be used for both (no double counting).

Enel can procure on behalf of any motivated customers RECs to substantiate environmental claims that are good at the national level with CRS Listed facilities and Green-E products as desired.

Voluntary Client: any company, individual, or entity looking to green their energy usage.

Compliance Client: anyone who sells electricity and that is mandated to procure environmental commodities, such as RECs and carbon offsets, to meet certain obligations. 

Voluntary REC buyers are environmentally conscious organizations or individuals interested in reducing their carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions. These buyers purchase RECs to offset carbon emissions associated with their purchased electricity, or to meet commitments for purchasing renewable energy.
RECs can be chosen among a variety of projects across different technology and locations.
Market opportunity
Access to Enel renewable generating fleet.

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