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Management of planning and risks related to production from renewable source.

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Product Features

The Power Purchase Agreement is a physical contract that provides for the withdrawal of energy produced by renewable energy plants. This contract assigns to the buyer the management of imbalances, in addition to the supply of a series of energy management services such as production forecast, daily transmission and definition of offers to the energy markets; the final accounting, reporting and collection of revenues from the sale of energy, the management of all the economic items to the markets, the network provider and the local distributor. If the Power Purchase Agreement is concluded at a fixed price, it also allows to fix the sale price of energy produced by renewable energy plants for a predetermined period of time, guaranteeing protection from the volatility of the price of energy.

Enel Global Trading is active in the Power Purchase Agreement market with particular attention to the dispatching and withdrawal of energy in the medium term for operating plants.

Time saving
Management of ancillary services at the care of the buyer
Containment of the risk in the imbalance regime
Reduction of the risk of payment of imbalance fees.
Reduction of market volatility
Reduced exposure to the variability of energy price.

Power Purchase Agreement  can be classified and structured on the basis of different criteria:

1) Management of the imbalance regime

- Imbalance charges/revenues charged to the producer

- Imbalance charges/revenues charged to the buyer

2) Price risk management

- Fixed price

- Price indexed to the zonal price

- Margin sharing

- Indexed to the zonal price with fixing option    

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